About Us

At Wave Walker, our mission is to bring hope to the hopeless

Life is hard.

Illness, loss, anxiety, depression, cancer, death, failing relationships, addiction, sick children, financial hardships— the list goes on. This life can truly paralyze you with fear and hopelessness, but when you pursue the heart of Christ and build a relationship with the one who unconditionally cares for you, you will heal in ways you never imaged.

About the Founder

Hi, I'm Nikki, the Owner and Founder of Wave Walker. I've faced immense challenges, starting with leaving my family in California for a college softball scholarship in Maine. The stress, pressure, and choices I made led to debilitating anxiety, culminating in panic attacks and many hospitalizations. Turning to my faith, I found solace in Jesus, who sustained me through college. However, in 2020, my anxiety resurfaced, paralyzing me (like couldn't leave the house paralyzed). Seeking spiritual help from my local priest, I rediscovered my connection with God. I realized that true healing comes from pursuing Jesus and his heart, not self-help advice from books, podcasts, notecards, or silly affirmations on clothes or housemade items. HE is the driving force behind this brand, my survival, and my ability to overcome life's relentless challenges.